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Nini is a singer, actress and musician. She studied western classical singing, piano, folk music and music theory in Denmark. She continued her training and research in India within the field of theatre, voice and music. She composes her own music and teaches. She has been an actress of Teatr ZAR, the resident theater company of the Grotowski Institute, since 2006. She performs in all parts of Teatr ZAR’s Triptych ('Gospels of Childhood. Overture.', 'Caesarean Section. Essays on suicide.' and 'Anhelli. The Calling.') where she has been instrumental in creating the last two parts, Caesarian Section and Anhelli.

Nini frequently leads workshops with Teatr ZAR. She has collaborated and toured across the States with the American experimental rock band, Point Reyes. Her deep interest in the human voice has led her on various expeditions as far as India, Tuva, Iceland, Corsica and Georgia. Nini is currently learning Persian classical singing under the guidance of Mahsa Vahdat. She is a yoga practitioner with experiences in the fields of aikido, capoeira and Contact Improvisation.


Przemek is an actor and has been associated with the Grotowski Institute since 1995. From 1996 to 1999 he worked with Song of the Goat Theatre, where he performed in 'Dithyramb.' In 2002-2003 he made a solo performance, 'Ecco Homo.'

Since 2004, he has been an actor in Teatr ZAR, the resident theater company of the Grotowski Institute. Przemek performs in all three parts of Teatr ZAR's Triptych ('Gospels of Childhood. Overture.', 'Caesarean Section. Essays on suicide.' and 'Anhelli. The Calling.')  He is currently involved in the creation of Teatr ZAR's new performance, Armine.

In 2012 he was premiering in Heiner Muller's 'Mauser' directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos.

For more than seven years Przemek has studied the Japanese martial art of aikido under sensei Piotr Masztalerz (5th Dan). In 2011, he was an uchideshi under Juba Nour Shihan (6th Dan) in Baja California, Mexico. He is currently training to become an aikido teacher. In 2005 he was in Japan, invited by Toshi Tushitori, practicing shintaido, a Japanese system that integrates voice and body through training based on traditional Japanese karate.

photo: Magdalena Mądra

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